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The stainless steel railing with glass

Railing with glass

In recent years, increasingly in the design of the room began to use the stair glass railings. This element of the interior as a staircase with glass railings creates a greater sense of space.

Sometimes in the interior using stair with glass treads, despite its apparent fragility, glass, specially treated, can withstand large physical strain.

Transparent and weightless stair railings made of glass emphasize on the attention its lightness and originality.

Due to its versatility, the stair railing with glass can be used in private homes, office buildings, shopping centers.

Especially used all-glass stair railings for the interior in the style of hi-tech, but also well suited to a room decorated in other styles. For example, can be applied to the surface of the glass and the photo with the able lighting, the bathroom is completely transformed.

Glass design allows to realize any design ideas and imagination, this kind of processing, such as bending. The sheet of glass heated to 600°C becomes liquid, and can be any given shape. Under the action of its gravity glass "breaks" on the surface, but remains intact and smooth. Thanks to this technology, stairs from glass it is possible any, even a very irregular shape. Also often architects perform railings of the balconies with glass malyovanny as smooth curves is extraordinarily beautiful.

Applying design of glass railings for stairs, porches or balconies must know the requirements and the state Standards. For example, in the Guest 5533-86 to the requirements that apply to laminated glass with improved characteristics.

Balcony railing glass shall be as specified in the standard data, so the glass thickness of 3 mm, may have a length of 600 and the height to 375 mm. At a thickness of 7.0 mm dimensions of the glass sheet needs to be 2500 to 1600 mm.

Our work - gallery railing with glass in Kiev

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