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Steel handrails securely and beautifully

Steel stainless steel railing, safely and beautifully

The use of stainless steel is becoming one of the fashion trends in modern architecture. Modern designers find infinite possibilities of the use of stainless steel for the realization of their ideas. When designing railings, stair railings, designers usually opt for stainless steel.

Railings and stair railings made of stainless steel, create an individual style of the interior, emphasizing and decorating it.

Railings and stair railings this is a very necessary element of the ladder they provide safe movement on it, so that would once and for all to forget about down the stairs you need any staircase that has more than three degrees to equip guards. Similar standards exist throughout the world.

 Rules that must be followed, for that would be the stairs and fences provide high security and convenience when traveling:

 During the construction of stair railings should take into account the difference in physical parameters of people. So, in adults, the elderly, children, these settings are completely different. In this regard, for the elderly wall mounted railings, and for the safety of children on standard fencing installed additional railings.

 Standard height of stair railings 90 - 100 cm are Very important in the construction of stairs carefully attached all the elements of the fence.

 To date, the use in the construction of metal railings is very popular. But we are not talking about standard stair railings made mass-production method, which often look boring and monotonous and as not reveal all the pros texture of the material from which they are made. And it was the texture of the starting material emphasizes the impression of the appearance of the finished product. All know that one and the same material can be carried out completely different in design and quality of the product. And only a true professional who has the technology, knows how to exploit the properties of a material.

The main parts stair railings:

  • Handrails - details of stair railings that are installed on the railing. They can also be mounted on the rack or wall.
  • Balusters top and bottom rack enclosure placeholder stair railings. Can be of different shapes.
  • Railings for stairs - the safety barrier ladder platforms and marches. Typically, they are vertical, but there are also sloping railings. Railings should be combined with all the details of railings and stairs.

 Handrails are installed on the railing, as if to bind them together. Handrails serve several purposes one of which is providing convenience when moving the stairs, as it is on them we rely when walking. So often the grab bars mounted on the walls in the case of staircases along the walls. For the convenience of children, the handrails can be set at the level of their growth.

 The peculiarity of the conditions of the rails determines the material for the manufacture of handrails. The service life of rails depends the material that they covered. The handrails are in the process of operation come into contact with hands due to which they remain traces of fingers and palms, and can also be subjected to mechanical damage. Intelligently chosen stainless steel will eliminate these disadvantages.

 Forms of handrails are not so many and this is due to the capabilities of the material for their manufacture. The list is limited to the following types: with rounded ends, rectangular, round, square. This is of course somewhat limits designers in their plans. But the main thing in the form of grab bars is the ease of their girth hand.

 Balusters are designed to perform two primary functions: protective and decorative. Fill a baluster, stair railings, protecting the individual from falling. The gap between the balusters should not exceed 15 cm, especially if you have children. Balusters are bearing the Stoics railing. Everyone knows what the railing and handrails, but the balusters, many do not know anything. And it does not indicate their insignificance, because balusters not only perform a protective function, but also are the main decorative element of the stairs. Balusters make any stairway special and unique, give it a certain style. Balusters can be on the grounds and marches of the stairs. The choice of forms of the balusters depends on the chosen design of the stairs. For their manufacturing can be used the following materials: metal, glass, wood, stone or combination of materials. Staircases, balconies, terraces and mezzanine are often fenced by balustrades, which represent the fine railings balusters. Balusters nothing like poles that protect from falling from the staircase and support the handrail with handrails. The importance of such elements stair railings as railings, handrails and balusters - obvious, but it is important to choose suitable material for their manufacture. The best option is stainless steel.

 The main and the supporting structure of any railings for stairs are the railings. This is confirmed by the fact that the production of railings is paid not less attention than the creation of staircases. The first stage of installation of the railing is the installation of support stands. For fixing use a standard connection. Mount intermediate posts of the railing - base for later installation of stairs and railings. Regulatory requirements and safety conditions of moving stairs, set a rule that marches with more than three steps must be enclosed mandatory. railings are also a safety railing staircases and platforms. The railings are vertical and oblique. Choosing the railing must proceed from the overall composition of the ladder, i.e. they should be in harmony with all parts of the stairs. The materials used for the manufacture of a variety of railing: metal railing (aluminum wrought iron railings, handrails, steel or stainless steel), handrails wooden, and plastic. Often used combinations of these or other materials. Should pay due attention to the handrails, because they are always in sight, they create the beauty of your stairs.

 Our specialists are sure that the stainless steel railings look most effectively and have the best properties. The best option today is a welded railings, as they are perfectly suited to all types of stairs.

 Prefabricated handrails are convenient because they're just going, and You can do with this easy to handle, saving on the installation. But these savings can result in the fact that design will lose stiffness, so we encourage you to seek help from professionals. The protective function is the main stair railings. Today, however, the stair railing and performs a decorative function. Fences can be made from various materials, but often use stainless steel. Today, any stainless steel products to order are becoming increasingly popular.

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