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Stair stainless steel railing with glass

Stainless steel railings with glass

Ladder the stainless steel railing with glass recently enjoyed great popularity. They are distinguished for their durability, corrosion resistance and admirable firmness. Such structures in the interior can create the illusion of weightlessness and lightness. Due to the above properties, the majority of architects are actively using the stainless steel railing with glass in Kiev for their projects.
FOKS company produces and conducts the installation of quality stair railings made of glass in Kiev.
The advantages of railings for stairs with glass
Submitted railings stand out among others due to a number of advantages:

- frost;
- variations of up to bulletproof;
- explosion-proof;
- resistant to fire;
- layered

 Our experts will create for you a ladder cages fast enough. The enterprise produced the design of the standard sample and also performed original orders with designer motifs.
Glass partitions, mounted on the mirror posts, just with a mean look airy and light, in fact, their performance properties are excellent. They can perfectly cope with frosts, intense heat and significant humidity. The service life of stainless steel railing - three decades. All these indicators make products with glass is very durable. Also, they do not need special attention for care.
Important aspects of production

It is worth looking more closely at the process of making tempered glass triplex. In the process of production of its laminated glass, which is why it's impact not scatter into small pieces, and for some time retains its basic functions.
Railing with glass, stainless steelMetal staircase with stainless steel railing with glass will allow in practice to make sure that it is not necessary to abandon the soft curves. Thick tempered glass should not be confused, these products are able to amaze with their bizarre shapes, while maintaining its superior strength properties and reliability.

Railings with glass elements can be represented in different colors. In the process of production for glass can be applied to the original drawings or photo printing, as well as an additional layer of protection film. Fencing panel can be bent using the bending, giving them the desired shape. Qualified employees of FOX company will bring to life the most intricate projects.
Security guarantee
High level security products is represented in our company is ensured by the quality of the material used in production. All the elements, stainless steel railing, fasteners and stands up to stand a high degree of reliability, which gives a full guarantee of stability and durability of the bought products.
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