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Manufacturer of canopies and awnings

Manufacturing of canopies

Of any facility is made up of numerous parts, which people who are not professional will not even pay attention, and usually that means they matched perfectly. However, the only wrong element may disrupt the entire painstakingly constructed image of the building. Canopy or small canopy, located above the entrance to the building just did is one of the most important parts of the facade, which often do not pay the proper attention. In addition to aesthetics, visor performs the practical task of defending the entrance and porch from the elements. Carefully selected visor will be a good decor element of any building.

 The choice of the visor should be approached with the utmost seriousness. It must be made with consideration of the peculiarities of structure and style. Metal visor with forged parts would be ridiculous to look above the entrance to the building, designed in a modern style. But the visor in the style of "hi-tech" stainless steel and glass could absolutely destroy a harmonious way of an old house. For this reason, work on the visor should start with a design project, the implementation of which should be done by a professional.

 Visors can be made of various materials. The frame can be made of stainless steel or aluminum. Option manufacture of stainless steel products in recent years, gaining prevalence, as stainless steel gives the visors of high-tech and modern appearance.

Various materials may be formed and coated. The most common coatings used glass. But you can use other materials. For example, our company offers a coating with the use of monolithic or monolithic polycarbonate. The use of these materials allows to manufacture the visor of irregular shape and make it transparent or colored. Another type of coating is a laminated glass, or laminated glass, representing some of the silicate glass layers separated by a polymer film, which when damaged the integrity of the glass are capable of holding the shards, this glass is characterized by stability and practicality.

The products of our company - Practicality and quality in all respects.

 To help You with the design of the visor, the selection of frame and cover and installation of the finished visor always ready employees of our company. Contact us and ask any questions, to choose and to clarify the cost of the favourite items, fences,peril, handrails, stairs of stainless steel and other products by e-mail or phone. Form send order exists on all pages of the website on the right side.

The doors of our company open each client!

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