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Thematically helpful information from the company Fox

What is impossible to save - "Wasteful economy"


When there is a need for installing the railing of stainless steel, each of us wants in the end to see the beautiful results, the product that will please yourself, view of others and at the same time - not exorbitant price. But few people know that according to statistics, about a fifth of the total annual production of stainless steel ✓the world is spent on the replacement of steel parts, damaged by corrosion or rust frankly. Economically this can be avoided by applying the correct grade of steel in the production environment.

Prefabricated fencing and railings from stainless steel

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In recent years teams stainless fence and handrails, made great demand. Fences made of any other material proved to be uncompetitive against the railings of stainless steel in government and commercial construction sector. So, this was evident in the Moscow market, where the proportion of such fence is equal to 70-75%.

Each ladder — reliable handrails!

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In the absence of which we cannot imagine a ladder? If stairs consisted only of stairs to climb to the upper floors are very dangerous and difficult. By all standards of the ladder, number of steps exceeding three, shall be equipped with handrails or "grab bars".

Manufacturing of canopies

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Appearance of any building is made of numerous parts, which people who are not professional will not even pay attention, and this usually means that they matched perfectly. However, incorrectly selected only one element can disrupt the whole laboriously constructed image of the building. Canopy, small canopy, located above the entrance to the building just did is one of the most important parts of the facade, which often do not pay the proper attention. In addition to aesthetic, visor performs a practical task, protecting the entrance and porch from the weather. Carefully selected visor will be a good decor element of any building.

Terrace railings - detail that creates harmony

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Today, metal is one of predominating places in the field of construction – a large number of interior, elements of decoration of facades of buildings, landscape design is made from metal by welding and forging works. Metal constructions of different aesthetic appeal, longevity of use and simplicity in maintenance.

Staircase inside the house

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The ladder is a great invention. With it we have the opportunity to overcome the height differences. The use of different design decisions in the manufacture of stairs creates a unique home decoration. Stage can be used for dividing the internal space of premises.

Stair railings - as a design element

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One of the essential elements of the current architecture are the stairs. Stairs are present everywhere: in shopping malls, homes, schools, clubs. Every day, people move along the staircases. In this regard, it is necessary to best protect the movement.

Steel railing - securely and beautifully

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The use of stainless steel is becoming one of the fashion trends in modern architecture. Modern designers find infinite possibilities of the use of stainless steel for the realization of their ideas. When designing railings, stair railings, designers usually opt for stainless steel.

Metal railings and their use

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The main role of fencing is to ensure safety while moving around the grounds for review, bridges, ladder marches and other territories. For the manufacture of fencing is used a wide variety of materials.

Advantages of structures made of stainless steel


Stainless steel fence have significant advantages since they can be installed on the street, such as fences, external stairs, kerbs, the pool area, inside the building. This is because the composition of stainless steel includes chromium, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion, such as atmospheric precipitation.

Stair construction with stainless steel

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The dominance of stainless steel in the world market, was the reason that this unique metal is used in all branches of construction and production. So, for example, stainless steel is increasingly used in the manufacture of modern staircase systems.

The versatility of stainless steel as a modern building material

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Though today the market offers us many products of modern and high-tech materials, the demand for fabrication of stainless steel, as before very high. Of course in some cases, replace the hard and durable steel is difficult to replace with any other material.

Advantages of stainless steel

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Made of stainless steel metal, widely applied in various spheres of industrial activity. The prevalence of their use is due to the excellent performance and technical characteristics. The most popular metal in the manufacture of furniture and interior decoration, buildings of residential, public and commercial applicability.