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Railings and fences made of stainless steel

Railings for stairs

Modern construction involves a huge amount of work that needed to create perfection of the object in the technical aspect. But while giving it an aesthetic finality must be respected all the necessary conditions. It was at one of these stages we can go about setting up an important element of the building structure - railings for stairs in Kiev.

Our specialized company FOX has a lot of experience in matters of production and further editing.

Stair railings from stainless steel Stainless steel stair railing Kiev Stair railings made of stainless steel Stair combined pellapella

The stainless steel railing - stainless steel Handrail

the stainless steel railing

In this case stainless steel banisters, the production of which the experts of the company FOX, are vital. That is why very often the railing is given much more attention in comparison with himself up a flight of stairs.

The need to use the stainless steel railing in modern building of Kiev completely obvious. Without using them the person could not even safely navigate flights of stairs, avoiding accidental drops. High quality railings provide an opportunity to provide the most convenient ascent and descent of stairs.

Also in any case do not forget about their aesthetic role in the decoration of the staircase space.

The railing is made of carbon steel

Metal railings

As in the manufacture of metal railing used carbon steel, so that security becomes meaningless, because the stronger and more reliable there is nothing.

One of the most important and unchangeable attributes of a variety of staircases, balconies, viewing platforms and other places are railings. They perform two main functions:

  1. Provide security.
  2. Serve a decorative design that lends an integrity and originality of the made object.

Railings made of carbon steel are used to recreate a variety of projects, quite successfully.

The railing combo

Combined stainless steel railings

In the manufacturing process of the stair railings is widely used natural wood together with different types of metals, most often stainless steel is used. This combination can have many options for combining.

 Often used a combination of glass with metal. Glass sheet between the posts can be of different sizes, it is possible and render a variety of colors, making these products harmoniously fit into any interior, be it a house, office or commercial premises.

The combination of several materials in stair enclosures, called a combo guard.

 Combination railing is very popular. Glass railing with stainless steel the main part of the glass, and fastening of steel. Glass, thus, can be both transparent and opaque, or tinted, tempered and with a decorative pattern, flat and curved.

Railing with glass

Railing with glass

In recent years, increasingly in the design of the room began to use the stair glass railings. This element of the interior as a staircase with glass railings creates a greater sense of space.

Sometimes in the interior using stair with glass treads, despite its apparent fragility, glass, specially treated, can withstand large physical strain.

Transparent and weightless stair railings made of glass emphasize on the attention its lightness and originality.

Due to its versatility, the stair railing with glass can be used in private homes, office buildings, shopping centers.

Fences made of stainless steel

Railings made of stainless steel stainless steel

Modern fence stainless steel is one of the most popular to date areas of construction. Correctly chosen materials provide an opportunity to create railings for stairs with the most elegant appearance. Because they can perfectly blend in with almost all common today finishing materials.

Balcony railings made of stainless steel, manufactured by our company is able to provide a high enough level to safely travel and to decorate the facade of almost every residential structures.

Stair railings

Lesnichnuyu metal fencing stainless steel

 In the aspect of fire safety modern stair railings are one of the most hazardous objects that are part of most building structures. That is why at the stage of construction of the building the process of installation of railings for stairs decided to pay special attention. Because they cause a sufficient degree of protection of people from falls from height.

 The fundamental role possessed by the stair case, is ensuring the necessary level of security during the movement of a person on a flight of stairs, lookout points and bridges.

 In this case, the choice of grades of stainless steel, which in the future will use the company's employees FOX mod ladder-type, due to economic and practical interests of the potential client.

Enclosures of atriums

Enclosures of atriums

Fences for atriums in stainless steel allows to realize unlimited design options. The company FOX designs and implements fencing of any complexity.

These fences must meet a number of requirements that generally apply to standard Windows or roofs that let in light.

Balcony railings

Fencing ballnow

Enclosures for balconies and stairs play a very significant role in the formation of the total composition of a residential building in Kiev. Because they can not only provide the necessary performance convenience and security of home stairs, but also to give the interior the decision of the house of originality and strict personality.

Enclosures for balconies in Kiev, manufactured by FOX, have different configurations. Fencing metal perform two significant functions:

Fencing ramps

Enclosures of atriums

According to current building codes in the design process of each residential building or public facilities must strictly adhere to the needs for persons with disabilities. Indeed, to date the issue of disability in our country is at a priority level. But, unfortunately, today it is very rare to meet vehicle Parking, specialty shops or other building facilities with special devices for people with disabilities.