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Our address: Kiev, St. Wind Mountain, 2 B, office 2

tel/Fax: 044 507-01-97;  mob: 067 324-55-11  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it.

Non-standard stainless steel products

Stands for cookers in stainless steel

- Intercom metal stainless steel

Trade-production company "FOX" will produce a stand for intercom stainless steel. These products will perform not only its intended purpose, but also decorate the hall or the facade of the building.

The design is made taking into account wishes of the Customer.

Stainless steel posts are not subject to changes due to precipitation, they will last a long service. You can see the range and the price on our website.

Brackets for air conditioners

Bracket for outdoor unit

The quality of the installation of the air conditioner depends on its further work. Important expertise, as well as the materials used in the installation. Bracket for air conditioner is an important detail that is needed for mounting the outdoor unit of a split system on the facade. Poor mounting of the air conditioner affects the life of the equipment and may cause you to fall.

Our company recommends not to save on the mount and offers stainless steel brackets of its own production.

TPK FOX is engaged in the manufacture of mounts for outdoor unit of air conditioning in Kiev.

Anchor stainless steel

Anchor stainless steel

The ship's anchor is a special device used for holding courts for the period of non - open water.

The choice of the anchor - a matter of great responsibility. The anchor to the ship should never be a decoration or a decoration piece, it needs to meet a number of requirements and to perform required functions:

  • To keep the ship at the place where it is installed if any and for any, even a strong wind;
  • To ensure the absolute braking and stopping when the need arises.

 The holding force of the armature is determined depending on the mass of the anchor, from its shape and length of the anchor line (anchor chain). The length of the latter is determined by the depth of the vessel and is generally from five to eight depths.

There are several types of anchors, such as:

Ladders stainless steel

Ladders stainless steel

Function ladders stainless steel - local collection and disposal of waste water in sewage networks. Ladders are installed at the enterprises of such industries, where there are charged higher requirements for sanitation of production areas, such as, for example, food industry. Among the entire assortment, ladders from stainless steel with horizontal and vertical releases in different sizes and diameters, which are supplied with drain grates - stainless steel, traps mechanical impurities and hydraulic seals. The ladders is such that you can easily serve the sewer pipes.

Included with each ladder usually go for the siphon - trap, a water intake grates and traps impurities. In order to provide access to sewer pipes for their service, the ladders are equipped with audit, or their design is such that allows you to remove the siphon.

A standard set of ladder stainless steel includes:

Non-standard products under the order

Non-standard stainless steel products under the order

The company provides the following services:

• Изготовление изделий по эскизам заказчика

• Разработка эскизов и рабочих чертежей нестандартных изделий

• Мелко серийное и единичное производство продукции

• Индивидуальный подход к пожеланиям заказчика

• Авторский контроль заказчика за процессом производства.

PS This is not a complete list of our capabilities.