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Beautiful stairs for houses

What are traditional stairs for your home? The answer to this question knows practically every modern man. The ladder is a building structure which consists of horizontal steps and placed under an angle of 14 degrees. In other words, the ladder is a link between different height levels. The main structural elements include platforms and steps, which are horizontal and slanted parts. Marsh is a set of stages that are adjacent to each other at the same distance.

Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings

Stairs in stainless steel

Many people in our countries face the task of choosing flighted stairs stainless steel for your rustic home or garden. In this case, there are several constructive solutions. Primarily they will be due to the types of steps and materials that will be used for its production. Often the leading members of the FOX company for this purpose used metal, natural wood, concrete, glass, stone and many other modern materials.

Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings