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Wooden stairs for homes and apartments

 Your house or apartment have 2 or more floors? Then, before you sooner or later the question will arise of the need to order wooden staircase. In addition to basic functions, namely, to enable people to get from floor to floor, stairs are often considered an integral part of the architecture of the house. Manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of such structures of any shape and colors. This allows you to fit harmoniously into the interior stairs, make it a true work of art and decorate your home.

Despite the fact that the structure can be made of different materials, the owners of private houses, cottages and country cottages often decide to purchase a wooden staircase.

Design of wood in demand, since they have the following advantages:

- Durability and reliability;
- The naturalness of the material and safety to others;
- Aesthetic and attractive appearance will please your eyes (some of the stairs can be made of the combined raw materials);
- Accessibility (type of wood is chosen not only on the personal taste of the customer, but based on the budget);
- Easy maintenance (minor repairs, make varnish, putty or special mastic tree);
- Material properties allow you to create elements of any shape, size and type;
- A small weight (the installation does not require additional equipment, and the ladder does not affect the supporting structures of the building).

Our company offers the production of stairs made of such durable and reliable wood, such as beech and oak.

There are several types of stairs made of wood. To select a specific model you need depending on your room layout and the installation of such structures.

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Variety of wooden stairs

In style the wooden stairs to order are:

- classic – this will fit harmoniously into any room, look solid due to symmetry, decorated with carved or executed in a minimalist style;
- country type of stairs are massive, sometimes rough, suitable for the interior in similar design that will give comfort in the home due to some negligent design, decoration for small figures are handmade;
- Victorian style – perfect for a chic classic interiors, decorated with stucco and a large number of columns, handrails, fix wooden shapes (balls, etc.);
- art Nouveau and art Deco – wood combine with other materials, on the stairs create maximum luminosity and brightness.

To choose a particular design should be based on available space, layout of the home and the place where the future derevani the stairs in the house.

Gallery of wood stairs

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