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Trading and production company FOX

Railings • Fences • Canopies • Awnings and Products ✓stainless steel

Our address: Kiev, St. Wind Mountain, 2 B, office 2

tel/Fax: 044 507-01-97;  mob: 067 324-55-11  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it.

Products trading production company Fox

 The phrase "steel quality" people imagine as something fundamental, reliable and persistent. Such properties possess company FOX.

Perila 001 275 182 001The railing

Poruchni 001 275 182 001Handrails

Ograjdenia 001 275 182 001Fencing

Komplektyushie MinAccessories

Lestnici 08Stairs

Kolonni 001 275 182 001Columns


Kozirki Gal 003Awnings · Canopies

Domofon 01Non-standard products

 Started over 10 years ago, we made for the main purpose to produce stainless steel products to order that would be safe and comfortable for the people and distinguished by quality and reliability.

 Now our company successfully works in the field of metal structures in Ukraine and abroad. We specialize in the manufacture of stair railings, stainless steel, and in combination with other materials. Produce the best components for the manufacture of railings and handrails.

Stainless steel – это легированная сталь, устойчивая к коррозии в атмосфере и агрессивных средах, один из любимых материалов дизайнеров. Она незаменима в декоре офисных и торговых центров, баров, ресторанов, офисов и административных зданий. В руках наших специалистов сталь превращается в податливый материал, а сложная и трудоемкая работа делает её произведением искусства. Для наших высококвалифицированных специалистов возможности в работе ограничены только фантазией дизайнера.

Not wanting to stand still, we move forward and erase the boundaries! For example, combination ladders gaining more popularity, and the combination of glass-steel has always been an important decision in the interiors.

In almost every modern construction of steel structures is one of the most significant places. Because without their use it is absolutely impossible to present even the most simple construction. In this case also it should be obligatory to mention the construction of partition type. The main skeleton for buildings of this type is a collapsible metal structure. Because of this the owner will be able to quickly conduct processes of installation and dismantling. This convenience gives you the opportunity to save a lot of time on the construction process. Today, virtually all constructed with the help of steel constructions: industrial buildings, gazebos, all kinds of kiosks, stalls and other construction facilities of residential type.

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