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The railing combo

Combined stainless steel railings

In the manufacturing process of the stair railings is widely used natural wood together with different types of metals, most often stainless steel is used. This combination can have many options for combining.

 Often used a combination of glass with metal. Glass sheet between the posts can be of different sizes, it is possible and render a variety of colors, making these products harmoniously fit into any interior, be it a house, office or commercial premises.

The combination of several materials in stair enclosures, called a combo guard.

 Combination railing is very popular. Glass railing with stainless steel the main part of the glass, and fastening of steel. Glass, thus, can be both transparent and opaque, or tinted, tempered and with a decorative pattern, flat and curved.

 The combination of various materials makes the railing hard enough but at the same time, elegant and modern in appearance. Stainless steel has high strength, durability and ease of care.


We can say that any material perfectly ironed in the right background, which will be combined the railing is made of aluminum and steel, giving virtually unlimited design possibilities. For example, stainless steel banisters can be made of wood - oak, larch, ash and beech, and the fixed aperture can be filled with laminated or tempered glass. Options great variety, and the choice depends only on the imagination. Of utmost importance is the interior of the premises, where you want to install the railing. Composite railing great fit in any interior.

 Whatever Your choice, there are a number of General rules which should always adhere to when choosing a stair railing combined. First, the railing must be combined with a ladder. Proper railings can decorate not only the stairs but also the whole house. Further, stair railings can be decorative in addition to values is also an important functional. The railing, in any case, ensure safety on the stairs, and because their material and design should meet all the necessary requirements of resistance and reliability, which must of necessity be truly calculated in advance at the design stage.

Our work Combined the railing

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