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Railings for stairs

Modern construction involves a huge amount of work that needed to create perfection of the object in the technical aspect. But while giving it an aesthetic finality must be respected all the necessary conditions. It was at one of these stages we can go about setting up an important element of the building structure - railings for stairs in Kiev.

Our specialized company FOX has a lot of experience in matters of production and further editing.

Stair railings from stainless steel Stainless steel stair railing Kiev Stair railings made of stainless steel Stair combined pellapella

The configuration of the stair railings

Our leading experts are always ready to offer a manufacture and supply all kinds of stair railings is high quality. It's no wonder our stair rails are usually attributed to the number of high-tech designs, which are able to withstand mechanical load limit. Also almost all types of steel structures are considered highly aesthetic decorative elements of modern buildings, country houses and industrial objects.

Our staircase handrail stainless steel (stainless steel) are of the highest quality. That is why they will serve You for a very long time even in cases where their operation will be carried out under the open sky. Our company is ready to offer a potential customer a huge range of different colors and all the necessary accessories for mounting flanges, cups, fixtures, handrails. High technical and operational characteristics are explained with precise technical control over the manufacturing process and simple installation. Making the railing in Kiev, we are in the initial stages of the production process applied to the base of the anodized coating of the order of 0.18 microns. The price for railings for stairs of this type is at a higher level and clearly meets the quality indices of the product.

Such metal structures will last You for as long as possible. If You decide to purchase stair railings in Kiev can rely on our qualified assistance in all the necessary payments and choosing special accessories.

Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings

Features of installation and fastening of handrails for stairs

Our company is one of the most experienced in the country. Its clients the leading members of our organization if necessary are ready to render services of installation of railings at affordable prices. Among our customers who want to install a stair railing we belong to many private companies and large enterprises. Turning to us for the services installation of stair railing, You can eliminate the need to perform unusual work and prevent unnecessary overpayments in vain for damaged building materials.

In turn, our qualified staff will count the precise number of rods, balusters and pipes that will be needed during installation. The risk of excessive use of materials can also provoke non-professional fabrication of handrails, which will immediately increase their value. Therefore, ordering of railings for the stairs in Kiev from us, You can save more than 55% of their value.

Installation of stair railing components and materials, which You can buy in our company is a very complex and tiring process. During his casting in some cases, our staff uses specialized equipment and high-quality welding technique. The manual installation process of stainless steel railing requires the strict implementation of all necessary works. In this case, it is important to choose the base material to reinforce the stair railings, various types of fasteners, as well as major decorative elements.

Buy railings for the stairs in Kiev at an affordable price is no longer a problem. You only need to call our company and leave your order for production.

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