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Enclosures of atriums

Enclosures of atriums

Fences for atriums in stainless steel allows to realize unlimited design options. The company FOX designs and implements fencing of any complexity.

These fences must meet a number of requirements that generally apply to standard Windows or roofs that let in light.

But, in addition, before the designer put other issues, such as:

  • giving his best shape, the best shape;
  • ensuring good lighting and viewing.

The stair and atriums installed outside, usually at a height of 1200 mm, and railings in buildings come in a height of 900 mm. For balconies establishes other standards for height of fence: 1100 mm, for buildings with height more than 30 m, 1000 mm – for buildings with height less than 30 m. at the same time, fencing in the residential and public premises and buildings are required to be resistant and to withstand a certain load of about 80 kg/m.

Enclosures of atriums also have some protective functions. But given that modern technologies allow to make them beautiful, they often considered not just a part of the interior, but not its main element. The design can be quite varied, any, and in combination with other materials to create unique interior and architectural solutions.

The most common is a combination of glass and metal, and both materials equally used in interior decorating. For atriums can apply different glass: frosted or transparent, with or without a pattern, colored, tinted, etc. You can also use the protective tape of any color and pattern, and this film will have both functional and decorative value.


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