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Stair railings

Lesnichnuyu metal fencing stainless steel

 In the aspect of fire safety modern stair railings are one of the most hazardous objects that are part of most building structures. That is why at the stage of construction of the building the process of installation of railings for stairs decided to pay special attention. Because they cause a sufficient degree of protection of people from falls from height.

 The fundamental role possessed by the stair case, is ensuring the necessary level of security during the movement of a person on a flight of stairs, lookout points and bridges.

 In this case, the choice of grades of stainless steel, which in the future will use the company's employees FOX mod ladder-type, due to economic and practical interests of the potential client.

 Practical interests must be classified as high strength values, which may have railings for staircases. It should also be noted the lack of real need regular staining of different elements of fencing, high operating time of steel and its excellent resistance to negative environmental influences.

 Among the economic factors considered low indicators of the relative cost of stair railings of our production and the shortest time of their manufacture. Moreover, railing for stairs in stainless steel able to blend in perfectly with any interior solutions. Unlike stair railings, which are made of wood or stone, fences of metal can perfectly be combined with many popular building materials. It is a universal quality gives potential customers a tremendous opportunity to realize his dreams.

 We are always ready to offer you a variety of stair railings that are made from high quality steel. We are also ready for individual orders to fill fences for staircases in exclusive materials.

 Employees FOX is always ready for You to provide a full range of consumer services: departure of the master on the object, consultation, selection of the required configuration and installation.

Gallery of stair railings

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