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Our address: Kiev, St. Wind Mountain, 2 B, office 2

tel/Fax: 044 507-01-97;  mob: 067 324-55-11  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brackets for air conditioners

Bracket for outdoor unit

The quality of the installation of the air conditioner depends on its further work. Important expertise, as well as the materials used in the installation. Bracket for air conditioner is an important detail that is needed for mounting the outdoor unit of a split system on the facade. Poor mounting of the air conditioner affects the life of the equipment and may cause you to fall.

Our company recommends not to save on the mount and offers stainless steel brackets of its own production.

TPK FOX is engaged in the manufacture of mounts for outdoor unit of air conditioning in Kiev.

 Modern production lines allow to carry out orders in any volume in the shortest possible time. Our specialists will manufacture products according to standard and individual projects subject to the requirements of the customer.

TPK FOX ✓quality first

 The company's products FOX meets Ukrainian and international standards. At the design stage we take into account all the necessary technical parameters for secure attachment of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner at the front of the house. Our products are suitable for virtually all air conditioning systems.

The cost of stainless steel fixtures

 The price bracket for air conditioner depends primarily on the size. We manufacture products from quality stainless steel. The guaranteed load that can withstand the bracket from 60 to 150 pounds.

Fixture for outdoor unit of air conditioner

Order - terms of sale

You can buy brackets for air conditioners from stainless steel both wholesale and retail. If you need to buy components in bulk, we can offer you special rates and discounts. Terms of delivery negotiated on an individual basis.

For registration call us by phone in Kiev: (044) 507-01-97, (067) 324-55-11. You can also leave us a message in the Contact section.

Gallery mounts for air conditioning

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