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Trading and production company FOX

Railings • Fences • Canopies • Awnings and Products ✓stainless steel

Our address: Kiev, St. Wind Mountain, 2 B, office 2

tel/Fax: 044 507-01-97;  mob: 067 324-55-11  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stairs in stainless steel

Many people in our countries face the task of choosing flighted stairs stainless steel for your rustic home or garden. In this case, there are several constructive solutions. Primarily they will be due to the types of steps and materials that will be used for its production. Often the leading members of the FOX company for this purpose used metal, natural wood, concrete, glass, stone and many other modern materials.

Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings

 Thanks to the creation of their unique combinations Your home will be more beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

Our staff is always ready to offer you the following types of stair railings:

  • spiral staircases;
  • street stairs;
  • straight staircases stainless steel;
  • marching combined stairs.

Ladder, stainless steel - Stylish quality!

 Traditionally, marching fence ladder we manufacture high quality grades of stainless steel. Properly designed staircase for house propulsion type will be radically ease the process of lowering and lifting will protect the person from possible falls. Also ladders made of stainless steel is able to create stylish interior solutions outside and inside the dwelling.

Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings

 In the process of production we use stainless steel in brushed and polished form. This factor dramatically affects the performance, reliability and durability. Directly dependent on the initial design concept in interior stair railings can be used both materials. In the manufacturing process of the main barriers we use often painted metals, which are installed inside the dwelling. Depending on this characteristic is conventionally distributed on stair railings prefabricated and monolithic.

 Our company is always ready to provide the potential buyer a wide range of welded and assembled from individual stair elements walling. Our skilled specialists will always be able to give constructive answers to all these questions and help you choose the best options for stainless steel ladder-type sustainer.

 In the process of assembling the final design stages we use wood, glass and metals. Also, lighting up the stage in a certain light, You can decorate all marching the ladder of light. Moreover, the manufacturing process steps is also possible to combine different materials.

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