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Beautiful stairs for houses

What are traditional stairs for your home? The answer to this question knows practically every modern man. The ladder is a building structure which consists of horizontal steps and placed under an angle of 14 degrees. In other words, the ladder is a link between different height levels. The main structural elements include platforms and steps, which are horizontal and slanted parts. Marsh is a set of stages that are adjacent to each other at the same distance.

Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings Stair railings

The first step is called relaxation, and the latter, respectively, − closed. The width of each of the March is determined by the layout, within which to draw the ladder structure. Platform ladder platform - a horizontal area between the adjacent flights. The design features of stairs under the order in Kiev, are determined at the stage of designing entire building structures. Similarly formed and price ladder, depending on the type of materials and complexity of design.

Types of ladders for home

All existing interior stairs is conventionally categorized into the following types:

  • external or internal;
  • auxiliary and main;
  • single and mnogomarshevymi;
  • closed strings, on casarah, Bolza and suspended on the Central pillar.

The shape of the stairs on ordering can be one of the following:

  • curved;
  • straight;
  • screw;
  • with a turn.

In large rooms it is better to use the first two forms of stairs. Indeed, in this case the owner of the house, there is no need to save space. For small apartments is better to use spiral staircases. According to the type of materials used for the interior stairs can be wooden, metal, concrete or composite. In assortment of our company there is a huge amount of models that match the classifications, including quality stairs in stainless steel.

Many of today's owners of country houses and apartments we strive to buy the stairs in the Kiev metal type. And in this case it does not have to be decorated in the style of hi-tech or modern. Ladders of this type today, You can see in shopping establishments, restaurants, museums, antique styled houses and palaces. Modern architecture is also ready to offer you a huge amount of design solutions.

In the process of designing and implementing each project we always aim to have the final result of our work brought a sense of full satisfaction not only to the customer but also to the executor. That's why our stairs are custom made, bearing designs which are always going from stainless steel of the highest quality, have a huge number of significant advantages, among which should first be attributed to the refinement, lightness, the harmony, the strength of the basic construction and reliability. The value ladder will correspond to its qualitative characteristics. Pictures on the stairs in Kiev high quality in any case should not discourage You in the process of their choice.

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