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Visors Fox production

Canopies and awnings of stainless steel, stainless steel Fox

Today, metal roofs and various configurations of canopies are an integral part of the architectural compositions of most modern buildings. Because these structures are ideally suited to the design of the facade of almost every building, not standing out from the background in a separate structured element. But the visor is very bright elements of the facade of the exterior, which very often use in their practice leading designers of the country.

Most metal canopies, which are made with professional equipment specialized company FOX, You can meet the following residential facilities:

  • sports grounds;
  • garages;
  • the front doors of the administrative and residential buildings;
  • the halls of large shopping centres;
  • stations and airports;
  • sidewalk cafes and restaurants.

     As a bright example, today we can bring canopies and awnings in Kiev, which are located above the entrance of almost every building construction. These engineering designs came to us from distant Soviet times. In those days they were gathered using a traditional reinforced concrete slab, which does not have an attractive appearance. But modern design trends have dramatically changed this picture. That is why today You can order many unique varieties. In each case the price of the metal canopies will meet their quality characteristics.

    The processes of production, design and installation of visors

     Thanks to modern level of development of production technologies, visor or canopy to buy You can practically in every construction organization. But is it worth doing? After all, buying visors made of stainless steel from us You can be completely assured of their high quality. Metal roofs of our production can perform at the appropriate level is not only practical but also aesthetic function. In the process of designing these products our leading experts use a lot of decorative elements. They give a unique style to the facade of the building, making his appearance completely completed. Many modern owners of country houses and cottages bought for himself a unique and beautiful canopies of stainless steel, which we produce for them on an individual project. In this case, our employees is to consider all dimensional characteristics of the building, its major architectural features and basic stylistic decisions. You can order a full complex of services on designing, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel products or just buy visors in Kiev standard design, but at a good price.

    Gallery of canopies and awnings are installed by our company

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