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Caps for handrails

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Internal plugs stainless steel

View Code Description
Plug stainless steel in Kiev SVN-110 the diameter of the inner - 8,0 mm, external - 10,0 mm
SVN-112 the diameter of the inner - 9,0 mm, external - 12,0 mm
SVN-114 the diameter of the inner - 11,0 mm, external - 14,0 mm
SVN-116 the diameter of the inner - 13,0 mm, external - 16,0 mm
SVN-118 the diameter of the inner - 15,0 mm, external - 18,0 mm
SVN-120 the diameter of the inner - 17,0 mm, external - 20,0 mm
SVN-125 the diameter of the inner - 22,0 mm, external - 25,0 mm
SVN-132 the diameter of the inner - 29,0 mm, external - 32,0 mm
SVN-138 the diameter of the inner - 35,0 mm, external - 38,00 mm
SVN-142 the diameter of the inner - 39,0 mm, external - 42,4 mm
SVN-148 the diameter of the inner - 45,0 mm, external - 48,0 mm
SVN-151 the diameter of the inner - 48,0 mm, external - 51,0 mm

External plugs stainless steel

Plug stainless steel in Kiev SVN-210 on the pipe - 10,0 mm
SVN-212 on the pipe - 12,0 mm
SVN-214 on the pipe - 14,0 mm
SVN-216 on the pipe - 16,0 mm
SVN-218 on the pipe - 18,0 mm
SVN-220 on the pipe - 20,0 mm
SVN-225 on the pipe - 25,0 mm
SVN-232 on the pipe - 32,0 mm
SVN-238 on the pipe - 38,0 mm
SVN-242 on the pipe - 42,4 mm
SVN-249 on the pipe - 48,3 mm
SVN-251 on the pipe - 51,0 mm

Plug stainless steel in Kiev New
SVN 332
д. внут. - 29,0 мм, д.внеш. - 32,0 мм (штампованная)
SVN 335 д. внут. - 32,0 мм, д.внеш. - 35,0 мм (штампованная)
SVN 338 д. внут. - 35,0 мм, д.внеш. - 38,0 мм (штампованная)
SVN 342 д. внут. - 39,4 мм, д.внеш. – 42,4 мм (штампованная)
Plug stainless steel in Kiev SVN-442 on the pipe - 42,4 mm
SVN-451 on the pipe - 50,8 mm


Plug stainless steel in Kiev SOUND-442 on the pipe - 42,0 mm
SOUND-451 on the pipe - 51,0 mm


SOUND - 332
other internal. - 29,0 mm, D. EXT. - 32.0 mm



 In the process of installation of any modern fencing at some point the question arises about how to finish it freestanding and adjacent to the wall elements. Today, there are several answers to this question:

  1. A decorative flange.
  2. The decorative cap that will be installed on the rail, and connect it with the plane of the wall with a special bracket.
  3. To mount the challenge, closing the bottom hole with a cap.
  4. Use decorative plugs.

 According to all the above, most often used various configurations of plugs that leading employees of the company FOX are made of stainless steel. Our range includes various configurations of plugs for fences of various levels of difficulty. We are also ready to provide the attention of a potential customer of different components which possess high strength, reliability and quality.

Caps for handrails

 Methods of manufacture of plugs

 On the production line of our company cover steel is manufactured by one of the following methods:

  • method stamp;
  • the method of turning a metallic workpiece;
  • method of pouring metal in some form.

 The most durable and high quality products are obtained by the method of casting. In this case they will have a perfect shape and most presentable appearance. To give all the structural elements details of the corresponding presentation must be cleaned to remove excess burrs and Polish.

 The stamping technique is based on direct mechanical influence of shape on the workpiece metal. It is used only in cases of mass production. Therefore, the thus obtained parts very often can have a curved contour lines and angular forms. In the production process our employees always use high quality parts that are made from solid steel sheets. In the future, all parts are supplied into the laser machine for thorough cutting and subsequent processing steps of the final workpiece.

 Our product range includes steel plugs to all existing diameters, which are ideal for coupling with stainless pipes, girders and wood hand rails. Also presented steel elbows.

Gallery plugs

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