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Seals for glass

 It is difficult to overestimate the importance of sealing profiles. They retain heat in our homes to insulate us from excessive noise by ensuring that the dwelling comfort and peace. No construction can not do without sealing profiles, but their use is not restricted.

 The main purpose of any seal is definitely creating a tight seal. Nevertheless, the seals can be attributed to specific products, as a result of application in almost all industries, the material from which made the seal to meet a number of specific requirements, such as oil and gasoline, resistance to multiple reversible deformations, low residual compressive strain, high elasticity, light otnositelnosti, resistance against high and (or) low temperatures, etc.

Prices please call us at 044 507-01-97, 067 324-55-11 

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Rubber sealing profiles SP  Connecting profile for glass t - 12 mm
        (width - 45 mm height - , mm23
Rubber sealing profiles TP  End profile for glass t - 12-14 mm
     (width - 40 mm height - 29 mm)

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