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Trading and production company FOX offers a range of grinding wheels in Kiev.

 In this section of our directory You will find all necessary information about grinding wheels, felt, felt. All production is certificated and corresponds to GOST.

 Your work was impeccable, choose only quality tools. Company TPK FOX will help You with this, because we have a wonderful production-technical base and specialists who know their business.

 On the purchase of grinding wheels, please call: (044) 507-01-97,
or write to electronic address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prices please call us at
044 507-01-97,  067 324-55-11

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Paste polishing

Polishing paste 1000G. Polishing paste blue - designed for fine grinding and polishing all kinds of metal.  

Round abrasive cutting

Cutting wheels 125*1,2*22,2 TO 40 - N

Round blade grinding end

Circles grinding petal 125*22,2

The round blade grinding

Grinding 150*30*32 KK19XW 4-N
150*30*32 KK19XW 5-H
150*30*32 KK19XW 6-H
150*30*32 KK19XW 8-H
150*30*32 KK19XW 10-H
150*30*32 KK19XW 16-H
150*30*32 KK19XW 32-H
Grinding 200*30*32 KK19XW  4-N
200*30*32 KK19XW  6-H
200*30*32 KK19XW  10-H
200*30*32 KK19XW  16-H
200*30*32 KK19XW  40-H

Circle blade grinding of non-woven fabric

Grinding 125*30*32 No abrasive (white) -
125*30*32 Ultra Fine SiC (grey) P400-P500
125*30*32 Very Fine AO (chestnut) P280-P320
125*30*32 Very Fine AO (green) P180-P240
125*30*32 Medium AO (olive) P150-P180
125*30*32 SiC Medium (black) P120-P150
125*30*32 AO Coarse (brown) P100-P120
125*30*32 P180 Corund P180
125*30*32 P120 Corund P120
125*30*32 P80 Corund  P80
Grinding 200*30*32 AO Coarse (brown) P100-P120
200*50*32 AO Coarse (brown) P100-P120

Round petal combo
non-woven grinding blade and coated

Grinding 125*30*32 Very Fine AO (chestnut) R280-P320
125*30*32 Very Fine AO (green) R180-P240
125*30*32 Medium AO (olive) P150-R180
125*30*32 SiC Medium (black) P120-R150
125*30*32 AO Coarse (brown) R100-P120
125*30*32 P180 Corund P180
125*30*32 P120 Corund P120
125*30*32 P80 Corund P80

Felt circle petal

Grinding wheels flap felt 125*30*32 Thin (T)  
200*30*32 Semi-coarse (PG)  

Round felt

Grinding wheels felt 200*40 Fine wool  
180*40 Fine wool  
150*20 Hard  
125*20 Hard  

The circle felt

Grinding wheels felt 150*20 Hard  
125*20 Hard  

Circle wool felt

Grinding wheel wool felt 150*20 Hard  
125*20 Hard  

Diamond crown

Diamond crown 10 mm
12 mm
16 mm
20 mm
25 mm
32 mm
40 mm
45 mm

 The grinding wheel consists of a solid porous body consisting of abrasive grains and a binder. These products are manufactured by hot or cold pressing, extruding, casting – all depends on the materials used.

 In our company you will be able to buy a grinding blade and flap wheels for sanding of non-woven abrasive material. Consider the characteristics and applications of each type.

 Circles grinding petal

 For the manufacture of this type of product uses the following abrasive materials: silicon carbide, black fused alumina, zirconium fused alumina. The basis of the circle is made of polyester and cotton fabric.

  • Grit: P40 – P400 in FEPA; 40N - M40 GOST 3647.

 What is used: flap circles are used for draft, intermediate, final sanding; removing rust, old paint, electroplating; polishing on wood, metal; to prepare surfaces for gluing, welding and soldering. Also the range of blade grinding is suitable for processing various shaped surfaces and ensures uniform grinding.

 Application features: to send a spinning circle should be strictly according to the arrow indicated on the label. The speed should not be more than 35 m/s. deformation of the circle should be no more than 0.5 – 1.5 mm (not exceeding the rate of 2 mm).

 Circles flap abrasive (non-woven abrasive material)

 To manufacture this grinding wheel used abrasive material: silicon carbide and aluminium oxide. The basis of a range of non-woven abrasive material NPA 400.

  • Grit: P100 – P600 for FEPA.

 What is used: grinding abrasive used for grinding and polishing metal, matting, creating a patina, brushed finish and other finishing bronze surfaces, surfaces of brass, aluminium and stainless steel.

 Round spade end

Round spade end

 Circles grinding of cone-flap skins are a set of flaps made of abrasive paper secured by high strength resin at a special snap-in in the form of "plates". Thanks to this feature, the end circles have a greater durability in comparison with the wheels from abrasive fibers, as well as better performance in grinding.
Grit: P80 – FEPA; 16H – GOST 3647

 What is used For edge and flat grinding, processing of edges and welds parts and assemblies from various grades of steel and nonferrous metals

 Round abrasive cutting

 Cut-off wheels is the most popular tool for the professional metal. Welders, fitters and other specialists, "iron" professions actively use it in their work. It is safe to say that the abrasive cutting-off wheels in fact become an indispensable attribute of the professional working with metal. They are simplicity, relative "omnivorous", with convenience and ease of use. Cutting wheels for metal is sintered in furnaces at a temperature of 120 ° C, in special presses under pressure of 2.5-5TS. Strength bakelite circles corresponds to ST, ST1.

Round abrasive cutting

 Round felt

 Felt is a dense nonwoven textile material of wool. It is usually made in the form of sheets which have different thicknesses, depending on the destination. The only natural material which can be made felt - it is wool, best fleece. Wool fibers have a scaly top layer - the cuticle. Thanks to him, fibers can be coupled to each other under the influence of hot water and steam. The ability of natural felt with the increase of friction and temperature to react with the microparticles of the metal with subsequent abrasive effect of the identified technology use felt circles.

 What is used The most common polishing pad is a felt circle, made of high quality pressed wool. Circles fine wool used for finishing of glass and metal products.

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