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Bends steel

 In modern construction steel elbow stainless steel used in the construction of fences of various degrees of complexity. They can also be used in cases when it is necessary part of the design to rotate to the desired angle or to deploy at all in the other direction, to the wooden handrail had its zavertanny. The range of the specialized company FOX presents taps from steel at competitive prices under various tube diameters and various accessories, as well as racks for railing exclusive models and much more.

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Stainless steel (Matte)

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Elbow stainless steel buy in Kiev The withdrawal n/W 16x1,5 (R=27,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 20,0x1,5 (R=38,0 mm) 
The withdrawal n/W 25,4x1,5 (R=38,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 25,4x2 (R=38,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 32x1,5 (R=35,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 32x2,0 (R=48,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 38x1,5 (R=57,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 38x2,0 (R=57,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 42,4x1,5 (R=47,6 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 42,4x2,0 (R=47,6 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 50,8x1,5 (R=75,0 mm)
The withdrawal n/W 50,8x2 (R=75,0 mm)

Stainless steel (Polished)

Elbow stainless steel in Kiev The withdrawal n/W 42,4x1,5 - corner-to-order
The withdrawal n/W 50,8x1,5 - corner-to-order
Bends with stainless steel bushings in Kiev The withdrawal n/W 42,4x1,5 - angle to order bushings for mounting bassanova
The withdrawal n/W 50,8x1,5 - angle to order bushings for mounting bassanova
Bends with screws of stainless steel in Kiev The withdrawal n/W 50,8x1,5 <90* with screws, for wooden handrail
Bends with stainless steel bushings in Kiev The withdrawal n/W 16x1,5 <90* with bushings for mounting bassanova
Bends with stainless steel bushings in Kiev The withdrawal n/W 50,8x1,5 <90* with bushings for mounting bassanova

The withdrawal of steel


 To date, the taps stainless conditionally classified in the following subgroups:

  • adjustable taps;
  • with various inserts;
  • bends for welding.
  • bends under a wooden handrail.

 For the self-installation of fences of various levels of complexity appropriate to use adjustable elbows and stainless designs that contain special inserts.

 The withdrawal of steel adjustable type allows you to implement various configurations turns at the necessary angles. Bends with inserts should be fastened with "liquid nails" on the base of the structure. But this fixture may not provide the most secure fit.

 Manufacturer of steel bends

 Products with a small diameter are produced by bending of the pipe. For the production of bends with large diameter used welding of individual parts of the future product. Thus, venting of the steel can be used for pipes with diameter of 32-820мм.

 There are the following types of bends:

  • cold-formed
  • hot-formed
  • welded
  • welded sectional
  • stamped
  • seamless
  • forged

 Steel elbows are manufactured according to the same standards and norms as the pipes used for pipelines. Therefore, our products meet all the parameters of resistance to aggressive environments and durability and reliability. For pipes of General purpose products are made of carbon or low alloy steel. Where it is assumed an aggressive working environment, use elbow stainless steel.

 Seamless stainless steel elbow

 Such products have the following properties:

  • high wear resistance
  • resistance to differential pressures and temperatures
  • corrosion resistance
  • plasticity
  • fire safety.

 Bends of stainless steel is used in almost all spheres of municipal economy and in industry because of its operational characteristics.

 Our employees in the process of installation of fences prefer to use a reliable stainless steel pipe bends for welding. In this case, the final design will be durable and the most durable.

 Here You can order the production of individual design or buy ready-made steel elbows at an affordable price in Kiev. You just need to contact us.

Gallery of steel pipe bends for railing

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