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Fixing for glass

 In our time fixing for glass became one of the most popular decorative elements, which are used in almost all branches of modern architecture. Are very often made the trading equipment, furniture items, doors, fences of any complexity and any configuration of door designs. In modern fencing, the glass is used as a common decorative element, which is fixed on the surface of the facade is a special attachment for glass to the wall of the generic type. Their production and sale staff involved in the specialized company of the FOX.

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View Code Description Note
Mount for glass STOs-01 Mount stainless steel glass to direct the plane L – 55 mm


Mount for glass STOs - 02 Mount stainless steel glass to a straight plane


Mount for glass STOs-023 Mount stainless steel glass to the counter d -XX mm


Mount for glass STOS-03/W Mount glass stainless steel  brushed
STOS-03/P Mount glass stainless steel  polished
Mount for glass faceted STOS-03/SHD Mount glass stainless steel
remote with thread M8, M6
Mount for glass STOs-04 Mount glass stainless steel  polished
Mount for glass  STOs-05  Mount glass stainless steel in concrete  polished
Mount for glass  STOs-06  Mount glass stainless steel  polished


 Almost every mount glass can be used for fastening on one of the existing methods:

  • using the holes in the glass;
  • in the end to the plane of the glass.

 In the first case, the glass is held by mounting a special attachment to the glass, which creates a seamless design. In the second case, the glass is held in the initial position by using special rubber bands. Fixed it in the end to round or rectangular stand stainless steel.

 In addition to the various configurations of fences steklodizaina the stainless steel used for the production of complex systems and installation of awnings and canopies.


Gallery of mounts for glass

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