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  • Stainless steel banisters
  • the railing combo
  • Fences made of stainless steel in Kiev
  • Components of stainless steel, flanges, cups, fittings
  • Railings

    For the manufacture of metal fences in our work we use only modern quality materials – steel, covered with a protective layer of polymers or zinc.
     These products will last you a long service, reliably protecting the house. The company's specialists will manufacture any product, considering all features of the site, where it will be.

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  • Composite railing

    In the manufacturing process of the stair railings actively used natural wood together with the different kinds of metals, most often stainless steel is used.
     This combination can have many combinations. Often used a combination of glass with metal. The combination of several materials in stair enclosures, called a combo guard.

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  • Fences of metal

    The professional staff of a specialized company FOX are always ready to offer a wide range of walling of this type and various configurations of metal fencing at affordable prices.
     Due to the presence of enough high operational qualities of our fencing is capable of high quality protective functions and delight the eye by their presentable appearance.

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  • Accessories for railing and handrails

    All components of FOX made of high quality steel grades.
     We can not only to choose the right for You, railings, accessories and much more, but also to carry out delivery of the order in the right place, as well as set and pre-manufacture design of the modern fittings of any complexity.

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15 years in the market of manufacturing of Stainless steel products


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Products in stainless steel TPK Fox str. Wind mountain 2-b The prices for the parts


 Railings and fences made of stainless metal is the most demanded affordable and practical option for stairs, Despite their low cost. they carry its intended purpose, ensuring safety, convenience when ascending and descending, They are widely used in various buildings from office centers to private apartments. private houses and administrative buildings,

 The company "FOX" — a diversified commercial enterprise. Our company has a powerful production base, which is more than 10 years carries out design and installation of turnkey manufacturing and selling high quality balcony railings and stainless steel balcony stair railings, architectural metal and interior components of a wide range.

 The range of services provided by the company "FOX" to its clients, including: design, engineering, Assembly and installation of metal fencing. The company also produces and sells components for railings, fences, and themed designs.

 Only we offer railings from authentic Italian stainless steel, which give the stairs a special charm to the durability, strength and aesthetics. They are perfectly combined with stone and wooden stairs. Of course, the railings for the stairs in the first place to fulfil their function, and then to Shine for its beauty but practicality that is combined with aesthetics will be the best option for modern railings. And if the task is to decorate the main entrance, the stair railings produced by the company "FOX" will do the trick.

 The company manufactures and specializiruetsya the stair in Kiev, stainless steel handrail, stainless steel handrail (stainless steel), combined fence of balconies, pools, stairs, atriums, ramps. Also, our company is engaged in the manufacture of structures such as awnings, canopies, columns and many more configuration options stainless steel products, other metals. The staff of our company employs highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in this field. The main objective was defined at the time of creation of the company - production and sale of products that create a sense of safety and comfort, convenience and agility of the highest quality.

 Our company offers customers a durable, reliable and beautiful fences, stairs, balconies made of stainless steel, which are installed in multi-storey buildings and two-story homes, hotels, schools, universities. Railings of the balconies, railings roof (roof top), trimmed with glass or plastic, steklodizaina, awnings and canopies from stainless steel, internal and external glass railings. The doors of our company open each client!

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Reviews customers Fox

  • I want to say, thank you very much all employees of the company "Fox" for Your work! Having traveled a large number of firms involved in the products and constructions of stainless steel in Kiev, I can say with confidence that the products are not more expensive than elsewhere, excellent value and quality!

    Dmitry Kolomiets
  • Ordered the stainless steel handrail for stairs the entrance to the office, came zamerschik Dmitry with the computer all have described, counted, consulted, suggested and advised! Literally 2 days later everything was brought in, installed, delivered and completed! We are delighted with the quality and now recommend Your company to all. Fox - You rock!!

    Alisa Golden
  • You are the best, and it's true! No one was taken to embody what I came up with. And only Your company took a risk, and he was acquitted. Thank You very much, for your professionalism. You saved me and my idea!

    Tamara Zenina

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